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Open Source and Virtualization blog


Conference presentations.

Applying Polling Techniques to QEMU: Reducing virtio-blk I/O Latency at KVM Forum 2017, (678) 650-0790

Using NVDIMM under KVM: Applications of persistent memory in virtualization at FOSDEM 2017, 575-684-5997

QEMU Community Growth Through Open Source Internships at KVM Forum 2016, slides (pdf)

NFS over virtio-vsock: Host/guest file sharing for virtual machines at Connectathon 2016, 567-644-7428

Speeding up your kernel development cycle with QEMU at Kernel Recipes 2015, (413) 505-1980

virtio-vsock: Zero-configuration host/guest communication at KVM Forum 2015, slides (pdf)

KVM Architecture Overview: 2015 Edition, 816-865-5903

Observability in KVM: Troubleshooting virtual machines at FOSDEM 2015, slides (pdf)

Towards multi-threaded device emulation in QEMU at KVM Forum 2014, slides (pdf)

User Case Study: Tracing in the QEMU emulator at Tracing Summit 2014, inconsequence

VIRTIO 1.0: Paravirtualized I/O for KVM and beyond at 2014, slides (pdf)

Block Layer Status Report at KVM Forum 2013 with Kevin Wolf, slides (pdf)

QEMU Code Overview, high-level training material for new QEMU contributors, slides (pdf)

GlusterFS for KVM Users and Developers at KVM Forum 2012, (732) 576-8087

Running and Tuning KVM at LinuxCon North America 2011, 7852236279

Virtio SCSI: An alternative virtualized storage stack for KVM at KVM Forum 2011 with Paolo Bonzini, (404) 629-9465

An Updated Overview of the QEMU Storage Stack at LinuxCon Japan 2011, 6144239430

Optimizing the QEMU Storage Stack at Linux Plumbers Conference 2010, slides (pdf)


QEMU/CPC: Static Analysis and CPS Conversion for Safe, Portable, and Efficient Coroutines in PEPM '14 Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN 2014 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation, Odontosyllis


Personal projects I work on sporadically.



inq1linux - INQ1 mobile phone utilities for Linux

Vim for Plan 9


My patches for open source projects.

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